Are You Interested In Making More Money From Your Web Site or Products: 

The Legal UCC affiliate program gives you the opportunity to make money by selling our product to your visitors and readers. The combination of high commission rates, unique product and marketing support makes our affiliate program very profitable affiliate program. Payments of the commission are tracked instantly by the third party (1shoppingcart).

Who Guarantees Reception of Money:

Our affiliate program is managed by 1shoppingcart, a leading e-commerce company. They are handling our order-taking process and will automatically transfer the commission to your account when a sale is made. Through their system you can always check how much money you have made, and they will pay you by check every month. Everything is fully automated and free of charge.

Why Our Unique Products:

Legal UCC is unique in the world of UCC-1 and redemption services. We have grown to become a recognized leader in products, sales and branding within our industry. Needless to say, our affiliates do not work hard! Our product line is not hard to sell and you will earn commissions as an active affiliate.

How It Work:

Our network is designed so that our affiliates receive commission without a dependence on how the user will buy our products or services:

1) The user can buy a product by clicking on a "Buy Now" button on any product page; of our website, an the affiliate gets paid.

2) The user can go from the product page of affiliate site; to our site, buy a product, and the affiliate gets paid!

3) EASY MONEY: (Are You a Traffic Driver?) 1shoppingcart can handle your flow! Every sales led from your site, Affiliate link, Landing page, Blog or Email; which resulting in a sale; You get paid!

4) Life Time Cookie Tracking: The user can go from your Product Page, Affiliate Link, Landing Page, Blog or Email; and return to our site via days, weeks, or months later; and make a purchase; You Get Paid. 
The truth is, you drive traffic; the visitor lands or browses our website, and returns 1week, 1 month 1 year later; you get paid. We use lifetime cookie tracking, to ensure your traffic results in your commission.

Our affiliates always receive their commissions. Observance of correctness; of process and payment, of the affiliate tracking; has guaranteed our tracking software properly tracks sales and leds and ensures commissions.

How Much Money You Will Receive?

Our affiliate program offers a flat 10% commission. 
Your commission will be sent to you on a monthly basis by check or pay-pal wire transfer.

Welcome and Thank you for choosing The Legal UCC Affiliate Program.

UCC-1 Affiliates and Reseller's:

If your a on-line retailer, or ANYONE looking to work as a UCC-1 service provider for a living, this affiliate membership is for you! This affiliate membership allows you to save on your purchases; and provides you the service component you need to fulfill your role as a UCC-1 service provider!

In Short: You find the client; you make your purchases from us; (at reduced pricing)  you get paid for doing no work!

The Best Part:
Our affiliates can charge their clients; at their own pricing; and still receive commissions.

For Example: John (A Legal UCC Affiliate) charges his clients $499.99 for UCC-1 services. John sends his client orders to Legal UCC where he pays $99.99 and receives his commission of $9.99 per order. Johns true cash profit is $409.99 per clients; and Legal UCC does all the work!

Get Started Now!

Legal UCC Affiliate Program:  hailed as "the best affiliate program across two continents," which allows serious full-time entrepreneurs to make a great living, while allowing part-timers to build a solid second income.

By Becoming An Active Legal UCC Affiliate, You Will:

•Be able to set up your own UCC service provider center in your local area.

•Receive BASIC Document Preparation - Secured Party Creditor - Paperwork/documents created and mailing instructions provided; this service includes:

          *UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien)
          *Security Agreement (Agreement of the parties)
          *Notice of Security Agreement (to be recorded locally)
          *Power of Attorney (over the strawman)
          *Birth Certificate Bond (deposited at the Department of Treasury)
          *Form 56 (notice concerning fiduciary relationship)
          *Form W-8BEN (serves notice to the Secretary of the correct status of the issuer of the bond, i.e., it is issued by a man, and it counters any 
           presumption that the *issuer might be considered to be a fictional entity/strawman)
          *Declaration of Status (notice of change of status, attached to the W-8BEN)
          *Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)
          *Cover letters

Since every customer is your customer we help you develop your customer over a lifetime!  You earn your fees, payment and commissions up front and on those multiple sales. And, of course, on their renewals, too!  Your relationship to Legal UCC is that of an Affiliate / Broker relationship.  Your clients find you either in your area or on the web, you secure the transaction and you submit the client to Legal UCC.  We complete all services and forms; then we email or fax the completed forms back to you to submit or forward to your client for filing or processing.  You never need to fear losing a client; because we submit all forms back to our affiliate, and our affiliate submits the forms for processing or forward the forms back to the client.    

As an affiliate you gain access to our extensive resources where you are provided with prompt service, proven strategies, and advice to help you succeed... both on-line and off.

There Is No Other Program Like This!

1. You can be truly proud to represent Legal UCC, a unique product that enables an unmatched percentage of people to build successful e-businesses.
2. Our Affiliate Program delivers a unique payment program that delivers income growth momentum.

3. Our UCC Affiliate Program delivers the support you need for the unique UCC service and strategies you need to effectively present it to those you reach.

4. Our UCC Affiliate Program meets the needs of everyone, from raw "newbie" to "veteran pro," from full-time Net marketer to part-timer, from student to retiree.

5. We are 100% committed to your success. We are the only company (of all those with gross sales of $1 million and more) that relies 100% on affiliate marketing. So we succeed if you succeed.
6. When you sign up as an Affiliate, you'll have immediate access to a constantly updated gold mine of free tools and resources to help you succeed.  From our ebooks, account managers, videos online forms and documents...

Bottom line? You are our valued partner-in-sales.  We only build our business if you build YOURS. And we do our very utmost to make sure you do indeed build yours!

* Obtain your affiliate tracking ID, obtain any promotional material; ie, banners, text ads, graphics.

* Start using your affiliate ID, promotional material, banners, text ads, and graphics to drive traffic and earn commissions.


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