"The Filing of the UCC-1 Financing Statement:  Gives You Virtual Ownership of Your STRAWMAN." You Hold the Claim,
The Superior Claim, if ANY Government or Corporation Wants to Lien Your STRAWMAN! 
They Must Pay Your Claim Off First!

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Practice UCC-1 Filing Sample

Sample UCC-1 With Property List 

UCC-1 Filing Form With Instructions 

Complete UCC1 FAQ (96 pages)

Secured Party Creditor Document Preparation Course  VOL.36



Secured Party Creditor

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien) And All other relevant UCC Filing Forms
(As Per Your Filing State or Jurisdiction)

Security Agreement (Agreement to all persons)

Notice of Security Agreement

Power of Attorney (over your strawman)

Birth Certificate Bonds

Form 56

Form W-8BEN 

Declaration of Status 

Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)

 Although this is a home study course; it does include account manager support, mailing and filing instructions.


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"The Filing of Your Secured Party Creditor:  Gives You Ownership of Your STRAWMAN." You Hold the Claim,
The Superior Claim, if ANY Government or Corporation Wants to Lien Your STRAWMAN! 
They Must Pay Your Claim Off First!

UCC Prisoner & Incarceration Package   VOL.6

Prisoners Rights Handbook



Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook

Legal Resources Guild To The Federal Prison System



Freedom of Information Act

1) Prisoners Rights Handbook

A Guide to Correctional Law Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States & the Federal Courts of the Third Circuit.  The Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project would like to thank Gary Rock for the tremendous effort in compiling this handbook. As a prisoner in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Mr. Rock faces many obstacles in researching and writing this text, yet continues to provide the highest quality legal information. Thanks also go to Sarah Morris for her great proofreading and copyediting work. Finally, we wish you, the prisoner, the best in the use of this handbook. Despite some negative public perceptions of inmate litigation, we remain committed to the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword and commend your efforts to utilize our judicial system to bring about a just result to your concerns and those of the millions of prisoners throughout the United States and the world.

2)The Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook, 5th Edition. (Revised in 2010 ) 2 Book Series

This Handbook explains how a prisoner can start a lawsuit in federal court, to fight against mistreatment and bad conditions in prison. Because most prisoners are in state prisons, we focus on those. However, people in federal prisons and city or county jails will be able to use the Handbook too. 
This is the Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook. Sometimes it will be referred to as the “JLH” or the “Handbook.” We have tried to make this Handbook as easy to read as possible. But there may be words that you find confusing. At the end of the Handbook, in Appendix A, we have listed many of these words and their meanings in the Glossary. If you are having trouble understanding any parts of this Handbook, you may want to seek out the Jailhouse Lawyers in your prison. Jailhouse Lawyers are prisoners who have educated themselves on the legal system, and one of them may be able to help you with your suit. In many places in this Handbook, we refer to a past legal suit to prove a specific point. It will appear in italics, and with numbers after it.  A must read for ANYONE Fighting or Currently Incarcerated!


This publication is intended to serve as a guide to legal resources, including relevant statutes, regulations, policy documents, and current case law concerning issues the BOP faces today. It provides a general overview of the BOP, its services, and its programs. Statutes, regulations, agency policies (Program Statements), and case law referred to in this Guide may have been updated since publication. Thus, readers are advised to review the website (INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN THIS EBOOK) and confirm cited legal references when exploring BOP matters. BOP legal staff are located in Regional Counsel’s offices, and in Consolidated Legal Centers (CLCs) servicing individual institutions (see Appendix B). Further inquiries may be directed to the appropriate CLC.

4) FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Packet:

This six page document delineates the thirteen points YOU NEED TO REQUEST in order to insure you get the full and complete dossier the government has on you and provides a comprehensive format to follow when utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, including: File identification, Documents being requested, Documents and/or records not being sought, Secret documents and/or records, False pretenses, Promise to pay cost, Expectations, appropriate recipient, Memorandum of Authority to request reproduction of documents, Caveat, and Certification.

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UCC Redemption Course   VOL.8

BASIC Document Preparation
-Secured Party Creditor

-Paperwork/documents instructions provided; within our ebook series:

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien)

Security Agreement (Agreement of the parties)

Notice of Security Agreement (to be recorded locally)

Power of Attorney (over the strawman)

Birth Certificate Bond (deposited at the Department of Treasury)

Form 56 (notice concerning fiduciary relationship)

Form W-8BEN
(serves notice to the Secretary of the correct status of the issuer of the bond, i.e., it is issued by a man, and it counters any presumption that the issuer might be considered to be a fictional entity/strawman)

Declaration of Status (notice of change of status, attached to the W-8BEN)

Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)

Cover letters

Registered mail stickers and other mailing essentials...i.e. return receipt/green cards, etc.. all properly filled out and included with mailing instructions.

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Legalucc Secured Party Training Program

REDEMPTION; Edition 4.5
(Secured Party Creditors)

Remeption Manual

Complete UCC1 FAQ (96 pages)

Legal UCC   Secured Party Creditor & UCC1 Online Services

UCC CS Support:   1-888-411-9410

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Secured Party Creditor Training Program

117 Pages:

The Complete How To Redemption Guild

Step by step guild through the redemption process.  If you need redemption help; or step by step instruction, this purchase is for you!

33 Pages:
Step by Step Redemption;  Including explanation and description of UCC forms and filings!

15 Pages:
Step by Step UCC Redemption Process: "Step by step instructions to filing your UCC filings"





UCC Prisoner and Incarceration Training

Basic UCC Redemption Knowledge Training