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Legal UCC.Com

Legal UCC.Com

UCC Redemption Knowledge Package:

UCC Prisoner & Incarceration
Study Guild

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) Package:

Secured Party Creditor Training Package:

UCC Prisoner & Incarceration Study Guild  VOL.6

UCC Redemption Knowledge Course   VOL.8

UCC-1 Document Perparation Course  VOL.23

Secured Party Creditor Document Preparation Course  VOL.36

Mastering The UCC With Forms  
(Document Preperation)

Mastering The UCC With Forms  
(Home Syudy Course)

* Reporting Frequency   :  Reports monthly with your subscription renewal (First reporting is 30 days after purchase)
* Limit / balance ratio   : Reports 60/40 debt ratio and ratio improves with every payment (Great for new or thin credit profiles)  
* Pricing :  $29 / $49 / $69  subscription monthly reporting (Every renewal is your monthly reporting) 
* Limit Range   :  $3,599.00 - $8,399.00
* Reporting Type   :  Subscription Financial Service
* Authorized User or Primary   :  Reports as Primary Installment Tradeline / Not Authorized User
* Reporting Date : Reports 30 days after purchase.  Your First reporting is your first rewal payment
* Credit Bureau Reporting   :  Reports Equifax, Experian, Trans Union,
* Guarantee   :  Subscription is fully guarantee and falls within the subscription contract agreement
* Important Please Note : This product is a subscription sign up product.  Your first payment enters you into the program; your second
payment and subsequent payments are applied to your account and released for reporting..