The Story of Redemption- or your not in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy. This is about the taking control of your Strawman1, what is the Strawman, and how it makes any difference. Strawman is defined in Blacks Law Dictionary, the 6th edition as "A 'front'; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction ...". And in Barron’s, 3rd Edition as "The term is also used in commercial and property contexts when a transfer is made to a party, the straw man, simply for the purpose of retransferring to the transferor in order to accomplish some purpose not otherwise permitted." Blacks Law Dictionary, 7th Edition defines ‘person’ as "An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being. – Also termed fictitious person; juristic person; legal person; moral person."

The concept of the Strawman was born in 1933 with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s executive order to confiscate gold from the people. With executive order 2 6102 Roosevelt made private ownership or hoarding, of gold illegal, of course his order only had jurisdiction within the Federal Zone or Washington D.C., the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and American Samoa, in other words the Federally controlled ‘territories’3. Roosevelt created Social Security and furthered this countries march towards a communist controlled government4, where one man is forced to pay towards another mans upkeep, especially the elite. Under the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto all property would be held by the State which is currently in play hereand we know it this is true by looking at our Deed of Trust and seeing we are being listed as ‘tenants in common’ or ‘joint tenancy’. So if we are ‘renting’ as ‘tenants’ who is the true owner? It is the State who can take your property without the Due Process of a court case required under the 5th amendment of the United States Constitution. Every other plank is also in play here in the united states under communism. Under House Joint Resolution 1925, no one could pay their debts anymore as dictated under the Law of the united States Constitution6 which proclaims in article 1, section 8-5 only Congress has the authority to ‘coin money and set the value thereof’ and in article 1, section 10 the States are denied the right to make anything but ‘gold or silver as legal tender to pay debts’. So because Congress denied the right to pay a debt from now on, there could be no requirement to pay any debt and there could only be set-off of debt. Set-off is where the bookkeeping shows the balance to be zero but the debt is not paid. The real issue is money and what is money.

Can anyone define what money is?. Apparently it is what ever we agree it to be. It is a medium of ‘exchange’. In the past it has been seashells, cow dung, wooden sticks, pieces of paper with ink on them, salt, cigarettes, and probably many other items, In 1864 the National Banking Act7 was passed and it stated that any Bank could loan money based upon the deposit of a ‘promise to pay’ or the deposit of a ‘promissory note’. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act allowed a private group of mostly foreign Bankers8 to issue an ‘elastic’ form of money called Federal Reserve Notes. A Federal Reserve Note is a Promissory Note or a promise to pay but would only be payment if you went to the Bank and demanded gold or silver in exchange for the note. The government ‘borrowed’ enough money from the Fed who created it from ‘thin air’ to go bankrupt in 1933, or just before its 20 year charter would run out and after which the Congress could not rescind the act. The Federal Government now was a debtor in bankruptcy to a privately owned Bank who issued worthless paper with ink on it, in exchange for gold, and in stepped  Roosevelt who had to save the Bankers and reconstruct the country. The people had found out that their money was worth $35 an ounce of gold in Europe and that the federal reserves value was $20 for an ounce of gold and were making a run on the banks to get their gold out. The value of the American dollar had risen and the people wanted their money.

We have to understand the rules of engagement in this world. The maxims of Law that are true 100% of the time and can’t be questioned except by tyrants and dictators who would make arbitrary law at their whims. The first and foremost is failure to object means you agree. The maxim is stated as ‘An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth” An affidavit is your sworn testimony. You can only testify to what is your experience and not someone eles experience, what you witnessed and not what someone else witnessed, as that would be ‘hearsay’. When in court, your sworn testimony, if it is not objected to or countered stands as true and correct and the final word. This is very powerful information. An example would be that your credit card company falsely states that you signed for a $3000 vacation rental in Hawaii and you didn’t even go to Hawaii. If you don’t complain about it and object to it, what do you think will happen? You will be charged the $3000. You have to object. Even if you say ‘I don’t think I did that’, they will charge you. You don’t have to tell a big story or even justify your reasons, just state that it is false, and that is your sworn testimony. You would fill 15 show sig line 16 American vessel refers to any vessel documented or numbered under the laws of the United States.

The Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Customs and the United States Coast Guard, respectively, are responsible for documentation and numbering of vessels.[ 29 CFR 783.38]. It also includes any vessel which is neither documented or numbered under the laws of the United States nor documented under the laws of any foreign country, if such vessel is owned by, chartered to, or otherwise controlled by one or more citizens or residents of the United States or corporations organized under the laws of the United States or of any State. 17 " the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves....". CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL (1793) pp471-472. out an affidavit have it notarized and swear the statement is true. Then know that unless they get a sworn affidavit by someone else stating that you signed for the vacation rental, they lose. The problem will come when they try and get someone to swear to it because the hotel conciege will not want to put his name on a  document swearing it was you, because he does not know you, and he knows or has reason to believe, you are contesting it, and will then sue him as you will have his wet-ink signed affidavit as evidence. See the problem for the other side? This will be the case with government officials, Bank presidents, police officers, etc. No one will think lightly of swearing something is true unless that is their true experience because of the commercial liability, or in other words court room liability that comes with giving written ‘evidence’.

Another Maxim of Law is “Truth is Sovereign in commerce” and it is obvious, if in a contract one party is lying or being deceitful they lose in court. If you declare something to be true, it had better be true however as you become liable if it is not also. If I declare my Strawman is a ficticious entity, do I have to worry that he will object to that? NO. If I declare that the Strawman owes me everything he has aquired in his bank account, his deed of trust for real property, his title to cars, his furniture, etc and he doesn’t object, that makes it true. Will he object?, or more importantly how could he object? Was it not my labor and blood, sweat, and tears that purchased all those things? If I want everyone in the world to be able to know that I am the Creditor and my Strawman is the Debtor and owes everything in his possession to me how could I do that? I would put it on a UCC –118 financing statement and that way everyone could witness the Strawman JOHN H. DOE’s indebtedness to me John H. Doe.

What difference would that make? Well once you do your publicly recorded UCC-1 and send it off to your Secretary of State demanding that they recognize you as the creditor and NOT the Strawman and give them 30 days to rebut your right to do that, you will not have to answer in court for the Strawman ever again, if they defaulted on rebutting your claim of being the creditor and separate from the debtor STRAWMAN. Who is the defendant JOHN H. DOE? It is never the flesh and blood man because they can’t charge a natural man. So the court wants JOHN DOE to pay a fine, get in line because you have a superior claim. You claimed everything JOHN DOE owns and then some. How about claiming he owes you 100 BILLION dollars in silver coin. Will he contest it?

The UCC-1 is to evidence a lien or contractual relationship, so as Jean Keating says ‘there has to be a contract first’ to file a UCC-1. So you have to establish a rather large lien or debt owed to you by JOHN DOE, fictitious entity and the Court will have to get in line after you as they will never collect without you getting paid first. First in time, first in line. When the UCC-1 is filed you file in a property list that includes everything and the kitchen sink, real property, cars, boats, computer files, your hair follicals, dna, blood, spit, medically collected samples, all paperwork in existence with your name on it, get creative, go for it, it is fun to think outside the box. This list will be loaded up as an addendum in a pdf file and will be evidence of the “DEBT’ owed you. Once you finalize your filings on the UCC-1 you will have the whole thing Recorded at the county recorders office. Mostly they know what is going on on and will not allow the farm animals, that is you, to escape from the slave ship so you may have to record it online at National in Texas. These folks among others, like will post your files for all to see and that is in the public record. Then you can send copies off to your Secretary of State, local police department, sheriffs office, Highway patrol, etc and have a powerful tool in place to justify suing the pants off of any agent of the corporation who violates your pre approved contract fee schedule, oh, I forgot to mention the fee schedule for violation my rights is about $1,000,000 per violation.

You would send them “NOTICE OF CHANGE OF STATUS” and give them 30 days to rebut your UCC and Affidavit of Status and then if they fail to rebut your paperwork, you would send them a NOTICE OF DEFAULT and NOTICE OF ESTOPPEL barring them from injuring you in any way in the future or pay your fees. This will never actually get paid but can generate some rather huge liens against people, which makes buying cars and getting credit very unlikely for them. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I wish to change the arrogance many public officials exude while being public servants these days.

The store owner currently accepts them however which is good for us because otherwise it would look like the Wiemar Republic in germany in 191920 where a wheelbarrow full of Marks might buy a loaf of bread. What happens when the store owner stops taking Fed Notes? Then what? The store owner currently takes pieces of paper with your order to pay now, only we call them checks. A check is an order to pay given to the bank, but it isn’t payment, just like the Fed Note isn’t payment. We all carry debt instruments and don’t know it. Can you pay a debt with an instrument that is itself evidence of debt. Until the Fed Note is exchanged for something of value is is evidence of not being paid or in other words a debt. What is the difference between trying to pay the store owner with sea shells instead of Federal Reserve Notes? They both have no value. The store owner refuses the sea shells because he fears no one else will value them, but that is the only difference. Since the passage of HJR 192 anyone can set-off a debt but not pay a debt. Approved for Value is the order to Set-off a debt. Since you can’t pay a debt the entity giving you a ‘Bill’ which isn’t a bill but is a statement21 has to give you the means to set-off the debt as you can’t pay it with debt instruments.

The means to pay is the coupon on the bottom of the statement. The coupon is a negotiable instrument, it has the necessary elements of a check which are 1. a Date or time for set-off, 2. The amount to be set-off in dollars, 3. who is to be setting off the balance (or we think of it as being payed), and it just needs to be signed by you with an order to pay to complete it as a check to the Utility company or the credit card company, or the Property tax assessor, etc.  Any public corporation has to follow the rules of the UNITED STATES parent corporation of which they can’t demand to be paid in gold or silver and so they can only require set-off or zeroing the account. This is not true with private debt. Private debt is where one flesh and blood natural man contracts with another on the private side. You can’t pay off your loan to BOB with approved for value. But when you got the loan for you car, since they created the money with your signature on a promissory note and didn’t actually advance any of their own money, you can send them that payment coupon stating you are authorizing the Treasury Department of the Untited States to use your exemption account at the Depository Trust Corporation where your Birth Certificate is housed and accounted for to set-off the amount due.

There we live in Wonderland where nothing is real. Of course you have to now see that Wall Street has obviously known about this for quite awhile as there is no limit to their greed and corruption and they never give anything of value while they demand you work for everything you get of value. To see the Wizard of OZ for what it was,… a description of the monumental changes the government was foisting on the unsuspecting public. The Strawman is the ficticious entitiy created for commercial control, the T.I.N. man is the newly created tax identification number, the cowardly lion represented the congress who allowed the bankruptcy to happen without challenging the Federal Reserve.. The yellow brick road represents the gold disappearing into the emeral. Green, city where the federal reserve green paper notes replaced the gold, the wicked witch of the east the industrial corporations and the wicked witch of the west the Bankers, the Wizard who didn’t want anyone to know what was going on is the Fed. The evil woman who wanted to take everything “TOTO’ too. Where TOTO means everything in Latin, represented the Bankers taking the farms and property of everyone during the depression.

Originally Frank Baum the writer of Wizard of Oz wrote Dorothy having Silver slippers as the silver was being taken too, but Hollywood changed them from silver to Ruby slippers. If you watch the Sovereign status show you will get more about the takeover by the Slave masters here in America and this is one of those topics where the ‘cognitive dissonance’ becomes easily apparent as it is impossible to believe what is happening upon first glance. Even with evidence supporting the explanation of things only little by little will one be able to absorb the monumental travesty forced upon the public by the evil bankers and their cronies on capital hill. When Barbara Boxer was presented with this information that she didn’t want to hear, she fell mute and did not answer it, why? Because she would lose her job and like most people it is a lot to ask, to give up the riches that come with being a minion of the dark side. I believe that good occurs when we want our fellow creations of God on this planet to do well, and we don’t harm others, and evil is when we do harm to others as is portrayed in Jesus’ golden rule. Boxer chose not to work for the public she had sworn to serve. It is our job to question authority and make the public servants become aware of the reality of their position and abandon their false ideas that they are justified in oppressing and causing injury to the people. Or at the least, look in the mirror and admit to themselves they are wrong.


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