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This is not a brief overview of "Redemption,"  This is the complete real deal redemption collection!... (The purchase includes 2 Redemption Ebooks Plus The Step by Step UCC Redemption Process)  Ebooks included;


Legal UCC Ebooks and Account Manager Assistance:

BASIC Document Preparation
-Secured Party Creditor

-Paperwork/documents instructions provided; within our ebook series:

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien)

Security Agreement (Agreement of the parties)

Notice of Security Agreement (to be recorded locally)

Power of Attorney (over the strawman)

Birth Certificate Bond (deposited at the Department of Treasury)

Form 56 (notice concerning fiduciary relationship)

Form W-8BEN
(serves notice to the Secretary of the correct status of the issuer of the bond, i.e., it is issued by a man, and it counters any presumption that the issuer might be considered to be a fictional entity/strawman)

Declaration of Status (notice of change of status, attached to the W-8BEN)

Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)

Cover letters

Registered mail stickers and other mailing essentials...i.e. return receipt/green cards, etc.. all properly filled out and included with mailing instructions.

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