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UCC Prisoner & Incarceration Study Guild  VOL.6

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Mastering The UCC With Forms  
(Document Preperation)

Mastering The UCC With Forms  
(Home Syudy Course)

Q: If I have problems, how do I get help?
A: Most of the questions you will have will be available in these FAQ's. Should you have other questions, please contact our Support Staff by filling out a request form on the tab marked "CUSTOMER SUPPORT". 
Q: Do I need special hardware or software to read the eBooks I download?
A: You can use your computer, laptop or hand-held device.  As long as you have the free Adobe Reader which you can download from this website, you can read eBooks.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free at .
Q: After I purchase a book how do download it and where?
A: When you order a book, our customer support will email you a download link.  It downloads to your computer; wherever you tell it to be stored…the default is usually to "my documents" on your computer / most will change this and have their material downloaded to their desktop; where it is very easy to locate.   You may download your books at anytime by simply logging into your email account, finding our email, clicking the link, and saving your ebook to your computer.

Q: What program do I need to open a pdf file?
A: Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded for free at

Q: How long will my eBook remain available for download, and can I download more than once?
A: When you recieve your download link from customer service WE RECOMMEND YOU TO CLICK THE LINK, OPEN THE ATTACHMENT AND CLICK SAVE.  This will save your purchase to your computer where it will be saved to your computer.  If you receive an error message or download problem, please contact our CUSTOMER SUPPORT, we will resend your link.
Q:  Can I read my book on a hand held device, such as a palm, or Iphone?
A:  We do not support handhelds due to the wide variety of versions. Some books will be readable on your handheld device but we offer no guarantee that the books you purchase will be viewable on ANY handheld device.  In most cases it is not the link or ebook or the product; in most cases it is the device not having the software or memory to open large downloads or opening the container files such as ZIP FILES.  Most devices hand held devices can not open ZIP FILES, without using specific software typically not installed on most handheld devices.

Q:  Please remove me from your email list.
A:  LEGAL UCC / AIT  does not have an email marketing program, thus if you have received spam regarding our products, you were contacted by someone outside of our company. We do not condone spam, and would be happy to help you track it down if you can forward us the email sent to you. If you know where the email came from, simply respond to them to be removed. Otherwise, please visit the CUSTOMER SUPPORT on the  website to enter a ticket. A customer service representative will respond to you by the end of the next business day. 
Q:  Can you mail me additional information?
A:  At Legal UCC, we have worked hard to become a completely paperless, online eBook store.
Everything we have and offer is on our website thus we do not have marketing materials to send you. 
Q:  If I have a question regarding my account, how do I get help?
A:  Most of the questions you will have will be available in these FAQ's. Should you have other questions, please contact our Customer Service Department by utilizing our CUSTOMER SUPPORT.
Q:  When I apply for an account, I am requested to pay a certain amount? Is this a membership or application fee?
A:  No, we do not charge application fees. However, when you purchase a subscription plan for eBooks you will encure a monthly service fee to maintain your membership and access to our library.  Your purchase can be paid for all at once, or you can elect to pay monthly portions. That balance is reported to the credit bureaus monthly.  You will receive an invoice approximate to your due date by the email address with which you registered. 
Q:  What happens to my account if I do not pay my bill on time?
A:  Your account will be reported late, and your subscription paused.

Q:  I am having trouble logging into to my account.
A:  You must enter your username and password exactly.  If you have forgotten your username and password, visit the Forgot My Password link. The system will prompt you to enter your email address. Your log in information will arrive in your inbox shortly. You may want to copy and paste the username and password into the system if you are still having trouble logging in.

Any time you are having trouble with our system, please visit the Contact Page of the OX Publishing website to ask a question. A Customer Service Representative will respond by the end of the next business day.

Q:  What happens if I change my mind and wish to cancel after I have signed up and made a subscription purchase?
A:  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.