PROFESSIONAL REDEMPTION MANUAL: How to become a Secured Party Creditor. The Professional Redemption Manual will teach you about redemption the process and covers the complete redemption process. Here you will learn the fundamentals necessary to REDEEM your Strawman and take control of your DEBTOR and all property by filing a security interest and allow you to establish the standing and capacity as a Secured Party Creditor. This is a HOW TO BOOK that will teach you; What redemption is (commercially and from a 'Biblical perspective), all about the Accepted for Value Process, How Corporations fit into the scheme of things, Public Education, the Monetary System, the Republic, Money Creation and Banks, Your Mirror Image, and HJR- 192.  It will walk you through the beginning documents set-up; show you how to file your UCC-1 to become the Secured Party/ Creditor and how to charge back to the Secretary of Treasury your birth certificate to 'charge-up' your UCC Contract Trust Account with simple forms and instructions. You will also be shown how to 'do your own' Security Agreement, Power of Attorney, Copyright Notice, Hold-Harmless Agreement, UCC-1 and UCC-3 to take back control of your, 'Debtor/'Straw-man' and all of the collateral and property.

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Legal UCC offers the most complete and comprehensive UCC-1 Informational Packages available. Learn to seperate yourself from the strawman or perfect an existing filing. A UCC-1 filing is just the beginning, Remove yourself from bondage! Our ebooks helps documents completion, review and will assist you in getting your documents filed correctly. Legal UCC is committed to ensuring all our talented students has the opportunity to develop UCC and Secured Party Creditors.

Legal UCC is a different school of thought. Legal UCC rewrites the rules of education with innovative technology and new ideas. Legal UCC offers a learning experience that's both customized and flexible, so you can study on your schedule, on your terms. With personalized support through online account managers and live chat, our UCC community is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Legal UCC is a completely different kind of online education system; one that puts education above tradition, with technology that works for you.  Our online UCC program offers the freedom to grow and pursue your goals while helping you excel in your career and in your life!  Study on your terms, on your time, on-line and off-line.  Legal UCC is part of the Affiliate Information Product and Service System, a premier education and service provider with service providers and affiliates nationwide.  

Legal UCC academic support is anything but traditional.  Each and every student and purchase has instant access to dedicated online account managers. From initial purchase to UCC mastery, our online account managers helps ensure students are on the right path, and an account manager provides support through-out.  Our account managers aren’t just talk. Because we have no geographic boundaries, we recruit leading educators and practicing UCC redemption professionals from anywhere in the world. Students are taught by instructors who have hands-on, real-world experience and access to the most current knowledge and skills.

Legal UCC puts interactive, user-friendly technology to work for you. Legal UCC offers a full complement of UCC services and online support. Our online support offers access to over 500 practicing professionals and thousands of articles from professional, scholarly, and trade journals.  Services include instant e-book delivery, reference assistance via email and live chat, real-time and multimedia instructional materials, and research collaboration with online staff.

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